The Innovator

Vince Pawluski has always sought to make agriculture life and technology easier along with increasing the efficiency of machines.


Vince grew up in the small farming community of Eaglesham, Alberta and was the youngest of four children. His parents Annie and Edmund Pawluski have been exceptional role models, contributing to his love of agriculture which developed from the time he spent as a young child working with father. During his early ages he enjoyed modifying toys and building RC scale tractors.

After high school Vince became a journeyman millwright, while continuing to farm with his parents. In 2003, Vince married his wife Christina Pawluski and had two girls in the next three years. Vince’s interest in agriculture has never left his heart even after he stopped farming 12,000 acres with his parents. Vince and Christina took their family on an 8 month journey through the Untied States, eventually settling in Okotoks. While living there they missed being involved in the agriculture industry. Vince took a job with Seedhawk; in those 6 short months being back in agriculture, he had found land back home to rent. He and his wife realized their love of farming was made for the field not the industry.

In 2013, Vince, Christina and their two girls moved back to the Grande Prairie area to start farming again. Together, they created a new life for themselves farming, they have built their own farm operation to 5,500 acres in a new area over the course of seven years. Being back on the farm with a new energy, the modifying and having of his own equipment started in a new level. This is when he saw an opportunity to fix one of the most common problems people had when running equipment, being in 2 places at the same time. He began by hard wiring in remotes into his own tractors, even a brand new tractor for a local dealer. Interest had grown after posting a video on Twitter, but didn’t know how provide this time and labour saver to everyone. While running combine in the fall of 2020, drawing all over the windows, RcFarmArm was born. Simple, non invasive, 5 minute installation that anyone can do. Never before has a system been so easy to install, yet drastically changes how a tractor functions.