Wireless PTO and Hydraulic Operation

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Drawing of a person operating the RCFarmArm remote control

RCFarmArm is a wireless tractor interface

The device enables wireless tractor control for use with augers, baggers, extractors, and any other stationary PTO work.

RcFarmArm overlays your armrest controls and ignition key in minutes, giving you safe control of your tractor from wherever you need to be while performing stationary PTO tasks.

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Drawing of the RCFarmArm installed in a tractor cab

Easy installation

Attaches quickly and easily to your existing cab controls. No wiring, no hassle.

Drawing of a tractor with its motor highlighted to show wireless communication

Remote start & stop

Start and stop your engine remotely with the click of a button. Save fuel and time.

Drawing of a PTO on a tractor

PTO, Hydraulics, and more

Wirelessly toggle your PTO, operate two hydraulics, plus four additional customizable functions.

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My brother-in-law got one of these this year. All I can say is it is an amazing product. Unloading trucks is so much easier without have to get in and out of the tractor to start everything.  Thank you.

Greg Drayer

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Don't see your model?

Feel free to request which tractor you'd like us to build for next. When at least five customers request an RCFarmArm for the same tractor model, we will reach out to each of you. Once we have five preorders, we will begin development.

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What is the maximum operating range of the remote?

The remote range has an operating range of 100m or 300ft.

How many remotes are included?

Each RCFarmArm comes with two handheld remotes.

How soon can I expect to get my order?

We aim to ship out each RCFarmArm within 2 weeks of order placed, however high order volume and part availability can affect this timeline.

What if you don't make one for my tractor?

If you don't see your tractor model, feel free to request it through our contact page. When at least five customers request an RCFarmArm for the same tractor model, we will reach out to each of you. Once we have five preorders, we will begin development.

How do I operate it?

Operation is very straight-forward. The provided owner's manual will explain each of the functions, and you can see video examples of operation on our How-to page.

Do I have to assemble it myself?

Most RCFarmArm models come pre-assembled. Some models require a few adjustments before installation (outlined in your owner's manual), but we take care of the rest.

Will I void my tractor's warranty by installing it?

Absolutely not, the installation process is completely non-destructive and does not modify existing hardware.

Is it safe to use?

The RCFarmArm is completely safe to use under standard operating conditions. For additional safety information, please see your RCFarmArm owner's manual. Operating your PTO and other equipment with great consideration for safety is always recommended.

Vince and his family with their dog on the farm standing in front of their equipment

About the inventor

Vince grew up in the small farming community of Eaglesham, Alberta and was the youngest of four children. During his early ages he enjoyed modifying toys and building RC scale tractors. Vince and his wife Christina built their own farm operation to 5,500 acres in a new area over the course of seven years. Being back on the farm with a new energy, he saw an opportunity to fix one of the most common problems people had when running equipment: being in 2 places at the same time.

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