Installs in less than 5 minutes

Wireless Tractor Control for use with augers, baggers, extractors and any other stationary PTO work.

RcFarmArm overlays your armrest controls, and ignition key in minutes. No wiring… just secure both modules and plug in to tractor’s accessory power port, giving you the safe control of your tractor where ever you need to be standing while performing stationary PTO tasks. Control engine starting and stopping, engage/disengage PTO, 2 Hydraulic functions on/off and 4 additional users customizable functions. The PTO engage and engine start have a safety interlock… it requires 2 buttons to be depressed together to perform there functions. Safely stop all functions and shut tractor down in seconds with the e-stop on your remote. RcFarmArm also has an internal battery to allow shut down of all controls in case of a 12v power interruption. 6 indicator lights visually alert the operator of what functions are being used.

Stop climbing up and down the ladder into the cab! 

RcFarmArm saves time and energy. Our product overlays your tractor’s key and armrest, it moves the existing controls with actuators just like your hand would. RcFarmArm is not permanent and can be installed in any other tractor with same armrest.


  • Start and stop the engine and engage your PTO + 2 hydraulics
  • Vary Engine RPM
  • Add extra customizable functions


  • Operate from the safety of the ground
  • Full visibility of the operation
  • Optional steering wheel motor available to safely steer your bagger/extractor


  • No wiring… just drop down over your armrest controls and plug into the accessory power
  • Quick, simple installation and flexible remote operation